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March 8, 1981


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مبروك لمصر الحرية

This is a free professional networking site (with over 6500 members from around the world) to encourage learning and sharing of resources in human development, social entrepreneurship and related fields. Feel free to explore the site content and features, REGISTER and create your own profile and choose one of (y)our MEMBERSHIP categories ” Student, Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Developer, Contributor and Voluntary” to contribute a BRAINSTORMING topic, start an EXPRESSION, CHAT to connect with colleagues, INVITE others to join, create or join a ROUNDTABLE, watch live TV and more. You can also read the GUIDES to CAREERS, ACADEMIC PROGRAMS and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. To learn more about the features and how to manage your account, visit the COMMUNITY GUIDE and TERMS OF USE.

Moataz is a social entrepreneur who believes in ICT knowledge-sharing for social change; He has for a long time been interested in community development and helping youth to gain education and to find employment, Mr. Shaarawy is a co-founder and the Secretary General of Ofok NGO.

“No doubt that any development must first start with the individual; but sharing knowledge and the application of powerful solutions to real life problems can only take place if an effective human network exists. The formula equation for community development in my point of view:
Human Development + Human Networks = Community Development” Moataz says.

Mr.Moataz was graduated from Faculty of Law, Cairo University.

Moataz member Of:
 Egyptian Lawyers' Syndicate
 Arab Lawyers Union (ALU)
 The Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)
 UN Volunteer Organization.
 Hope Youth NGO

World summit youth award jury committee.

General coordinator of Egyptian Association for Legal Development (

Co-Founder of Arab Internet Governance Network

Co-Founder of Internet Masr NGO (

Co-Founder of Elbarad3i Supporters Network (

Established Ofok in December 2005 with a mission of community capacity building and career development.

Ofok is a NGO, working on a self sustainable model and taking full advantage of the
opportunities presented by the development initiatives taking place worldwide. Ofok
stands for "Horizon" on the Arabic language, summarizing the passion toward creating
a brighter future, delivering a message of Hope and Change to communities through
strengthening one of the main development pillars; Education, using Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs) as tools to spread and facilitate knowledge

Ofok's mission is to help communities empower themselves, and to enable individuals
especially find employment and develop their careers. Ofok is launching its initiatives
toward narrowing the knowledge gap between developed and developing worlds
through immunizing youth with the ICTs to be able to connect global experiences with
local entrepreneurship to create customized solutions for communities using available

Ofok Human Development Initiative:
Ofok's dedication to ICT (Information and Communications Technology) development
and entrepreneurship ensures that today's young people become the leaders of
tomorrow by attaining the right leadership skills and the latest knowledge of


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Computer not working or the systems are down, problem in the network or problem all around? These are the times when you wish you had a computer maintenance service on call....

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The Top 100 words & phrases in the social media dictionary

The social media landscape is fast changing and filled with strange terms to the uninitiated. Don’t feel intimidated! Here’s a quick guide to some of the terms you may encounter. Please add other terms in the Comments below and we’ll incorporate them and credit you.

Social media…


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At 10:58am on January 25, 2013, Ahmed digital Sudan said…

جمعنا حبنا للتقنية وتنمية مجتمعاتنا عبر التقنية في 2008 في مؤتمر التليسنتر العربي لقطاع الوسط (مصر اليمن السودان) مع الراحل المقيم الأستاذ شعراوى عبدالباقى شعراوى واخيه المهندس معتز عبدالباقى شعراوي وبدعوة منهما ذهبنا الي مكتبهم مع عدد من أعضاء الوفد السوداني وتناولنا معهم وجبة الغداء وتناقشنا في هموم توصيل مجتمعاتنا (خاصة الشباب) عبر التقنية ... اعجبتنا مؤسستهم العامرة (أفق) واهتمامها بتوصيل الشباب عبرالانترنت وإتاحة الفرص لعشرات الشباب المصريين للتدريب والتاهيل ولم يبخلوا علي إخوانهم السودان ووقعنا اتفاقا باحرفة الاولي للتعاون والتواصل وفشلنا من جانبنا في السير فيه ولكنه سيظل يحمل الود والإخلاص الذي يكنه الراحل المقيم الأستاذ شعراوى لاخوانه في جنوب الوادي كما أنه ناشط في التليسنتر ... وبلا شك ستظل مؤسسة الأفق التي أسسها والجهود التي تبذلها وكذلك الجهود التي بذلها المرحوم في مؤتمرات قطاع تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات العربية والاقكار التي طرحها نبراسا يضئ الطريق الي محبي التقنية في ارجاء الوطن العربي ... كما ان نجاح وامتداد شبكة الأفق في كل انحاء العالم والتي أسسها ستحمل اسمه وستذكرنا به ... ان مشاركتة الفاعلة في ثورة الربيع العربي بمصر ومشاركته في تأسيس حزب الدستور وقيادته للشباب وتجردة التام من غير طمع في كرسي أو منصب مثالا صادقا لحبة لمصر واصراره علي مكافحة الظلم والطغيان... إن المرحوم ليس فقدا لمصر وحدها ولكنه فقد لكل المهتميين بتنمية مجتمهاتهم عبر التقنية  في العالم خاصة الوطن العربي ولكن عزاءنا في الأفق الذي اسسه وفي معتز واخوته وزملائه الذي كانوا يحملون معة الراية  فنسال الله له المغفرة وان يسكنه فسيح جنانه وان يوفق الله الجميع لحمل الراية التي رفعها..

At 3:20pm on March 8, 2011, hend adel said…
Happy Birthday :)
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Happy birthday :)
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Happy BirthDay Mezooooo
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عيد سعيد
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thank you
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