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Getting Started with OHNet:

Start with an Account:

1. Sign Up for Ofok Human Network:
I. Direct your browser to:
II. Click on “Sign Up”.
III. Enter your e-mail address, a password, your birthday date, Upload a
profile photo.

IV. Choose one of the Membership Categories.
V. Enter your Organization Information.
VI. Click once again on “Sign Up”.
VII.Get started just selecting your language and login in with your e-mail
address and password.

You can Sign Up for an Account for your Organization through filling and
submitting Organizations Application.

Membership Categories:
Ofok Ambassador: A special member who is selected to represent his/her
Country, Region or Community on the OHNet where role of the
ambassador is to report and monitor the Situation and problems of his/her
Community on different Themes and to help in implementing the Solutions
to these problems wherever possible.

Social Entrepreneur: A member who is recognized for his/her extensive
contribution to Community by managing social projects. The social
entrepreneur shares his/her experience to develop new or better creative
Solutions to solve the communities' Situations.

Developer: A member with the technical background to assist on creating
Applications for the proposed Solutions by the social entrepreneurs, which
will afterwards implemented by Ambassadors.
Not sure which category fits you? Sign up as a contributor then you can change
your membership category after finding yourself on one of these categories.

Contributor: The main OHNet member who shares his/her ideas through
blogs and forums and helps in widening and strengthening the OHNet by
using it as a social network.

Volunteer: A member who helps the network developers in upgrading the
network, such as supporting new languages and helping to promote the
OHNet on other networks.

now you have an individual account where you can start inviting your friends
and start getting advantage of OHNet Feature and Tools. Start Building your

2. Welcome to Ofok Human Network:

OHNet Features & Tools: The OHNet consists of the following features and tools
to facilitate communications and information sharing between its members:

My Zone:
◦ it is your page where you can add your information, multimedia,
Events, E-xpression Corner and your friend can pin notes on your

◦ My Zone is Fully customizable to match your sense and taste.

◦ it is a feature that looks like forums where the OHNet Methodology
mainly implemented.

◦ Read BrainStormer User Guide for more information.

 RoundTable:
◦ it is the meet up place where members with the same concern or
interest are gathered to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas.

 E-xpression Corner:
◦ it is a personal feature where members express their opinions and share
their experiences with the OHNet members.

 Soft-Ware House: "Soon"
◦ it is a special place for the Developer where they test their applets and
applications that where synthesized to solve the BrainStormer listed

 PhotoShow Room:
◦ a unique Slideshow to preview photos related to the OHNet activities
ans Events.

 OHNet Radio:
◦ Online radio where programs, announcements and interviews where
broad-casted with a pinch of music and a grain fun.

 OHNet Live! T.V.:
◦ Online live streaming of programs, events, interviews, competitions and videos
presented on a stylish way.

 OHNet Hubs: "Soon"
◦ a page that gather all the OHNet partner networks with their

 Calendar:
◦ a tool that help members and organizations to organize their events
and activities with a easy functional calendar application.

 Events:
◦ a feature of creating and attending events and to share it with

 Press Room:
◦ a space where articles and press releases about development are
posted to be accessible to all members.

 Chat Live!:
◦ a chatting tool with supported features.

Organizational Membership:

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