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When you join OHNet, there's so much to do and see. Explore the network and become an featured “active” member by adding content. You'll meet new people and contribute to the network's success and we will add you on the featured members page as one of OHNet active members List of Featured Members.

Check out the guides below to add some basic types of content:

·                   Placing a Badge on Your Website or Facebook Page

·                     Participate in the BrainStormer

·                     Write an E-expression Corner

·                     Add comments

·                     Upload photos, and videos

·                     Join or create  Roundtables

·                     Create an event


Placing a Badge on Your Website or Facebook Page

Place a large, medium or small network badge on your website and facebook page to become a featured member. If you do not have a facebook page, then you can use MySpace or LinkedIn. This badge promotes your profile page and gives you instant credibility by showing that you have a high rating.

Participate in the BrainStormer

Your OHNet's discussion BrainStormer is a great way to interact with other members. To use the BrainStormer, just go to the BrainStormer tab. Check out the existing discussions, or start your own by clicking the "Start Discussion" link.

If you find an interesting discussion you'd like to participate in, just type your reply in the "Reply" box.


Write an E-xpression post

Your profile page comes equipped with your very own E-xpression on the OHNet. While threads in your OHNet's BrainStormer are about community discussion, your E-xpression is about you! As social entrepreneur on OHNet you may want to write an E-xpression Corner detailing your first social work, complete with photos, or a post about your favorite initiative. You can write about anything you want! To get started, go to your profile page and locate the "E-xpression Corner" module in the middle column. Click the "Add an E-xpression Corner" link.


Add comments

To interact with other members on OHNet, you can add comments to their profile page or any of their photos, videos, or E-xpression Corner . Don't be shy - if you see an interesting photo, a funny video, or an E-xpression post you agree (or disagree!) with, let the author know by leaving a comment on the photo, video, or blog post.

Just type your thoughts in the "Add a Comment" box below the piece of content you're commenting on:

You can also leave a comment on any member's profile page. Comments can be seen by any member of the network, so don't use them to post personal information. They're perfect for welcoming a new member or checking in with your friends.

To comment on someone's profile, go to their profile page and locate the Comment Wall in the middle column.

You can add text, link, images and files to comments, so have fun!


Upload photos, videos, and music

The fastest way to add content to your OHNet page is by using the bulk media uploader to add photos, videos, and music. Adding media to your network is a great way to share content related to the topic of the network.

Using the bulk media uploader, you can add up to 100 photos, 30 videos, or 100 songs at a time. We support the following formats of media:

Photos: .jpg, .png, and .gif file formats

Videos: .mov, .mpg, .avi, .3gp and .wmv formats

Audio: .mp3 format.

You can also import photos from your Flickr account, embed videos directly from YouTube, GoogleVideo, or another site, and play external songs and podcasts.

To get to the bulk media uploader and to add photos or videos, go to your profile page and click the "Photos" or "Videos" link in the left column of the page, under your profile photo. To upload music, go to your profile page and locate the "My Music" module. Click the "Add Music" link.

Here's what the bulk media uploader looks like:

The left pane shows the file hierarchy on your computer. Use it to locate the photos, videos or songs you want to upload. Drag them to the right pane to add them to the upload list.


Join or create RoundTable

You can use roundtable on your network to meet people with your interests or in your region. For example.

To browse existing roundtable , go to the Roundtable tab. Once you find a roundtable you like, click on it to view more information and to join! If the roundtable is public, there will be a link in the top right of the page where you can join the roundtable.

If the roundtable is private, you can send a request for an invitation to the roundtable creator from the roundtable's page.

If you don't see a roundtable you'd like to join, create your own! Just go to the Roundtable tab and click the link at the top right of the page to "Create a Roundtable."

Fill in the required fields, marked with a red bar, for your roundtable. Click "Create roundtable" and your roundtable will be published. Don't forget to invite your friends to join.


Create an event

You can create events on your OHNet to commemorate special days or to meet up with your friends on the OHNet. To create an event, go to the Events tab and click the "Add an Event" link.

Fill in the required fields, marked with a red bar, for your event.

Click the "Create Event" button and your event will be published. Don't forget to invite your friends to the event.

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